No matter what your political stance is, clarity about what's happening with our Democracy has been tough to get lately. To help, the team over at Countable researches & reviews legislation that's coming up for vote in Congress or trending in the news providing a non—partisan, balanced perspective. Their editorial team focuses on providing context around three key areas including who will be impacted, how much the legislation on the table will cost & what the arguments both for & against it are.

When users vote on a piece of legislation, Countable shoots over an automatic message to your lawmaker about how you're feeling. They also give you the ability to customize your message, in case you'd like to share additional thoughts or insights, & include your contact information upon submission so the lawmakers can verify that you live in their district.

Tech Crunch describes the user experience as "a colorful interface [that] feels a lot more like swiping through friends’ pictures than wading through pages of lengthy bills. Countable’s team, which includes writers & consultants with experience from both major parties, have prepared short summaries & explanations that are easy to understand... Users can go as deep into an issue as they want, linking to media coverage & the full text of the bill."

They welcome all feedback on the summaries & bills being highlighted & also have an Advisory Council to keep things fair & balanced. During such an intense political era, we applaud this team for working at the intersection of tech, journalism & politics while making us all feel like we have an active voice in the outcomes ahead.